New Year, New Direction

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  • on Tuesday, 12 January 2016

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Stronger focus on growing Landmark division in place for 2016

With a New Year, comes a change in direction for Crozier Enterprises as we focus on expanding the Landmark by Crozier division and its growing product lines.

Effective December 1, 2015, Crozier Enterprises closed its Play! by Crozier division and all its product lines, with the exception of RockCraft, the leading manufacturer of concrete climbing rocks for bouldering (manufactured in BC, Canada's rock climbing capital). See our unique, natural looking boulders that offer fun for children and fitness for all here

To provide a seamless transition with the change in representation of GameTime products in Ontario and Manitoba over to Park N Play Design Co. Ltd., Crozier Enterprises has tried to ensure that any and all open quotes and designed/committed projects through 2017 are honoured and completed as planned with no interruptions in service.

After successfully executing this new change, Crozier Enterprises Ltd. can now concentrate efforts on its larger Landmark division which is growing at a fast pace.

"We found that the Landmark division continues to outperform the Play! division in all categories and had greater growth potential, therefore the decision was made to put all of our resources in supporting Landmark,” said Ken Crozier, president of Crozier Enterprises Ltd. “We are very pleased with the support we received from GameTime, Water Odyssey, Elephant Play and our other manufacturers during the changeover to Park N Play. With 32 years under our belt, we at Crozier do appreciate the loyalty from our good friends and business associates in the industry and look forward to continuing and expanding these relationships under Landmark."

See what’s new for these highlighted product lines from Landmark by Crozier

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As of January 1, 2016, the AODA standard is now law in Ontario. Included in this act is new legislation on tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI's), also known as DWP’s (Detectable Warning Plates). Visit our website dedicated to TWSI’s to get an understanding of the legislation and to ensure you are compliant.

Sealing Systems Inc

The newest product line on the Landmark by Crozier roster is Sealing Systems, Inc., a national manufacturer and distributor of quality products for preventing manhole and sewer groundwater infiltration. The product line includes: Uni-Band, Gator Wrap, Flex-Seal and Aqua Seal.

"We are very excited about this line as it fits well with our Neenah Foundry manhole products," said Ken, adding, "There is great need for this product in Canada and in most cases it is the most cost effective solution from a time and price standpoint."

Click the logo above for more information on Sealing Systems, Inc., or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a Lunch and Learn, receive a Sealing Systems, Inc. binder or have us speak to someone in your public works department about the benefits.

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Click the logo for the full list of Landmark’s extensive product offerings. Contact your Landmark representative to request a quote or more information on any products.

2016 E-blast Schedule:

Please note that due to the closure of the Play! by Crozier division, you will no longer be receiving monthly Play! e-blasts. The Landmark e-blasts will continue to be circulated on a quarterly basis, with the next e-blast scheduled for April, 2016. Thank you to our loyal followers!