The role of TWSI’s

Published in Landmark News
  • on Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Report details how tactile walking surface indicators make streets safer

According to the Canadian National Institute of the Blind (CNIB), half a million Canadians are living with vision loss, with more than 50,000 more losing their sight every year. TWSI's play an instrumental role in improving accessibility. 

Tactile Walking Surface Indicators(TWSI) act as a warning device to alert those with visual impairments of upcoming street crossings. As shown above, the plates consist of uniform sized, spaced domes installed on depressed ramps at public sidewalk crossings.

When a person with vision loss walks down the sidewalk using a long white cane, they will detect the domes on the TWSI before stepping on it. Once detected, they recognize that they’ve reached a transition from sidewalk to road and will adhere to their other training to safely cross the road.

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