Landmark by Crozier Unveils TWSI Website

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  • on Tuesday, 16 June 2015

TWSI launch

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New website provides key information & news on Tactile Walking Surface Indicators

Toronto, June 18, 2015 - Addressing the needs of communities looking to make streets safer for those with visual impairments, Landmark by Crozier, a division of Crozier Enterprises and a Canadian supplier for construction castings and high quality site furnishings, today announced the launch of a new website focused on providing key information on Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI), which alert of upcoming street crossings. was designed to achieve several goals including content to better demonstrate the full spectrum of TWSI’s (sometimes referred to as Detectable Warning Plates) and the role they play in improving accessibility, along with updates on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)’s new legislation coming in effect January 1st, 2016.

The site also conveys the uniqueness and competitive advantage of Neenah Foundry’s cast-iron TWSI’s (supplied exclusively in Canada except BC and Alberta by Landmark by Crozier), which outperformed during a pilot project and were recommended to be the City of Toronto standard.

After hosting information seminars and continuously receiving requests from local consultants, engineers and contractors for details on upcoming laws requiring TWSI’s to be mandatory on all new and repaired depressed curb sidewalks in Ontario, Landmark by Crozier felt it was time to create a site dedicated to providing a clear understanding of the product.

"We spent a significant amount of time researching and compiling key information and tools under one site to give clients everything they need right at their fingertips,” said Brian Bekkers, Manager of Landmark by Crozierand an expert on TWSI’s. “We are excited to unveil this site to the public and will continue to release new industry news information under our Blog section as it becomes available.

With an intuitive and mobile-friendly search capability, users can explore the site quickly and easily locate up-to-date TWSI information, including FAQ's, Portfolio on local installations, a short step-by-step installation video, detailed brochure and much more. Click the Contact page to see our pickup location or get contact details for the TWSI experts.

About Landmark by Crozier: The proud supplier of Neenah Foundry cast iron detectable warning plates, which exceed the standard and are in regulatory compliance with both the AODA and the American Disability Act (ADA).

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About Neenah Foundry: Since 1872, Neenah Foundry has been known for consistent quality, functional performance and design aesthetics. They offer an extensive selection of castings for construction and municipal use including manhole covers and frames, catch basins and curb inlets, cast iron downspouts, airport and port castings, bridge scuppers and many other specialty products.

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