Drink Cleaner with MDF Safe-Stream Bubbler

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  • on Thursday, 26 March 2015

MDF Safe Stream

MDF's pop-up drinking system combats airborne particles

As demands increase for more available public drinking sources at local parks, trails, schools, sports complexes and any place where there is a thirsty crowd, so does the need for cleaner, safer drinking water.

Most Dependable Fountains, the leader in high-quality outdoor drinking fountains for more than 25 years, has the solution to health issues related to public use of common area drinking fountains with the Safe-Stream Bubbler. The heavy-duty stainless steel Safe-Stream Bubbler has a seal that offers a safe and protective environment against chemicals used in irrigation systems and airborne particles. Simply put: It is the safest, cleanest source of public water supply.

How It Works:

Push the button to activate the water stream and the Safe-Stream Bubbler pops up to expose a stream of water. The flushing system begins automatically as you start drinking, so there’s no stale water. When the button is released, the Safe-Stream Bubbler drops down and locks in position with no exposed hole, ensuring it can’t be pried open.

The NEW Standard for Hygiene:

If the issue is about the water quality in your current outdoor drinking fountains, consider switching to MDF’s self-sealing Safe-Stream Bubbler to ensure you are delivering the best. Whether your concern is spray from fertilizers in agricultural areas or dust from roadways in industrial zones, it protects from all environments, giving that clean-feeling at all times.

MDF is the ONLY manufacturer of this sanitary pop-up system, which cannot be found on any other drinking fountain currently on the market. MDF's drinking fountains are built to withstand harsher climates.

Landmark by Crozier, a division of Crozier Enterprises specializing in high-quality site furnishings and construction castings, is a proud distributor of all MDF products. If you’re ready for a drinking fountain that meets the highest standards for drinking water at a very competitive price, contact your local Landmark Sales Associate.

About MDF: Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. provides communities with the best possible outdoor drinking fountains and outdoor showers available today. They strive to build sturdy maintenance friendly products and have a sincere and powerful commitment to serving customers at the highest possible level.


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