Neenah: Grate Artistry that's built to last

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  • on Wednesday, 28 January 2015

 Cambridge tree grates

Architecturally designed tree grates & guards provide unmatched longevity

Looking to protect your trees for decades to come while adding a touch of class and sophistication to your landscaping project? If so, look no further than Neenah Foundry’s vast collection of beautiful tree grates and guards.

Architects and landscape designers alike turn to Neenah’s cast iron tree grates and fabricated steel tree guards to provide the strongest, most cost-effective solution for protecting trees in urban environments.

The sturdy cast iron tree grate and frames have been designed to provide longevity in any type of hard surface medium. The frames are installed flush with the surface of the adjacent concrete, interlocking pavers, and even Granite Borders allowing the 2-piece tree grate sitting in the frame to finish flush unaffected by snow plows, cars, or heavy pedestrian traffic (including motorized mobility devices). Many models in this vast selection meet A.O.D.A. requirements, and we have no purchase requirements, we’ll gladly ship just one unit.

Designing for a downtown street, suburban neighbourhood or stadium? Need a look that’s clean, eye-appealing, custom for mature trees or for a historical site? Neenah’s vast collection can match your specifications. Many designs even allow for the inclusion of your city or company logo.

As the exclusive supplier for Neenah, Landmark by Crozier has installed many grates and guards, perhaps even in your community. Here’s a few recent places to spot them:

Dixon Street, Cambridge (in front of City Hall Cambridge). Note: New cast iron appears to be rusted, however within a few months will take on the oil-rubbed bronze look typical of manholes and sewer grates. Pictures HERE!

Southkeys Shopping Centre, Ottawa. Pictures HERE!  

Neenah’s tree guards also stand out from the competition with their unique slot on the mounting bracket that compensates for the grade of the sidewalks. The durable guards attach in four places to bolting lugs which are integrally cast to the underside of the tree grade. Each tree guard is furnished with a black powder coat finish.

Are you interested in finding a cast iron tree grate and fabricated steel tree guard for your next landscaping project? Contact us!

About Neenah Foundry: Since 1872, Neenah Foundry has been known for consistent quality, functional performance and design aesthetics. They offer an extensive selection of castings for construction and municipal use including manhole covers and frames, catch basins and curb inlets, cast iron downspouts, airport and port castings, bridge scuppers and many other specialty products.

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