Understanding the e-Steele Difference!

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  • on Monday, 23 February 2015

Thomas Steele Genova Bench

Get the perfect finish with Thomas Steele's e-Steele

With spring nearly at our door, it’s time to start thinking of outdoor furniture that will bring people together under nature’s roof. The perfect furniture enhances green space by transforming it into ideal outdoor recreational areas.

When making these important purchases, it’s important to keep three words in mind: durability, comfort and style. Knowing that customers demand higher quality from the products they buy, and want the finish to look good and resist corrosion for a much longer period of time, Thomas Steele, known for their durable and stylish benches, tables, trash receptacles and planters, delivers on every level.

What is e-Steele?

Unlike the typical industry standard 5-step powder coat system, Thomas Steele offers an 18-stage e-Steele finishing process. This triple thick paint coat makes their products gleam like a foreign sports car (See example of Genova bench above).

The end result is a smooth, durable finish which allows site furnishings to look great and withstand high levels of corrosion from salt, chemicals, humidity, scratching, and impact, far surpassing conventional paint top coats. All furnishings also receive a state-of-the-art e-coating undercoat with an epoxy resin water-based paint. When coupled with an electrostatically applied polyester topcoat, the environmentally-friendly e-Steele process can withstand a highly corrosive environment for the ultimate levels of protection and performance.

The E-Coating Process:

E-coating is a method of using electrical current to deposit organic paint on a metal surface. It is based on the fundamental physics principle that opposites attract. The metal parts are charged with a direct current and then immersed in a bath that has oppositely charged epoxy paint particles in it. E-coating’s wet paint process allows every corner, crack and crevice to have an even coating to resist chipping, scratching and rusting. The electrocoat paint covers the product so that even corners, edges, and recessed areas are protected. This is important because areas of site furnishings that are not properly protected are susceptible to rust and corrosion.

The End Result: e-Steele for Excellence! (Photos of the finishing process at left)

The very nature of the e-coat process gives way to many benefits for a powder topcoat. e-Steele uniformly coats every crevice and crack and has the cosmetic advantage of no drips, runs, or other common coating defects. The marriage of e-coating followed by powder coating provides a final product that has outstanding corrosion resistance with a top quality finish that will withstand the harshest of environments.

The Result: Ultimate surface protection and performance that will withstand years of service!

Warranty: Since Thomas Steele manufactures their products in North America with high quality domestic recycled steel, it enables them to offer a 20-year Integrity Warranty. Many clients find this warranty attractive as they have peace of mind knowing they have a long-term product without replacement costs. 

Landmark by Crozier, a division of Crozier Enterprises specializing in high-end site furnishings and construction castings, is a proud distributor of Thomas Steele products. If you are interested in furniture that is fabricated with care and finished with e-Steele technology, contact your local Landmark by Crozier sales associate at 416.214.7727

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