10 Reasons to Choose Neenah TWSI's

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  • on Tuesday, 04 November 2014


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Neenah Foundry Tactile Walking Surface Indicators

Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) play a crucial role in better alerting those with visual impairments of upcoming street crossings and potential hazards. With more and more of these textured warning plates popping up across Ontario, it's clear that communities are committed to making their streets safer for people with vision loss.

Pedestrians and motorists will soon see an influx of TWSI’s in the year ahead. Effective January 2016, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) states that TWSI’s, also referred to as Detectable Warning Plates (DWP), will be mandatory on all new and repaired depressed curb sidewalks in Ontario.

Unsure on what Tactile Walking Surface Indicators to choose? Landmark by Crozier is the Canadian supplier of Neenah TWSI's to municipalities across Ontario. Neenah’s TWSI’s not only fit the standard and are in regulatory compliance with both the AODA and the American Disability Act (ADA), but in many cases - they outperform.

Need proof? Click on the TWSI logo below to see 10 Reasons why municipalities continue to choose Neenah Foundry TWSI’s as their base standard:

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